Jan. 16th, 2012

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I'm a night person, I'll admit it. I go to bed far later than I should all too often. Nevertheless, I think it's fair to not want to be woken up at 2am by police patrolling around your apartment building.

It actually started around 1:50am when someone started pressing my buzzer. Since Windsor has a not-insignificant crime rate I was hesitant to let them in lest a gun be pointed at me while the building is stormed. After a minute or two they gave up on me and started buzzing the other units hoping to get someone. Then there was pounding on the front door. I was about to call the police when I looked through my blind and noticed that it was the police. Two police cars (followed by a third) were parked on the street out front and were aiming floodlights and flashlights around the property as if looking for someone.

I asked my neighbour across the hall (probably the one who let them in) who informed me that it had to do with the woman in the basement unit whose son DUIed my car last summer. Colour me surprised. The woman is a walking crap magnet. Apparently it's not the first time the police have been called to the building on her account, either.

Only seven months left on my lease...


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