Feb. 11th, 2012

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Working at a hospital, even in administration, gives you a unique position within your family: whenever someone is admitted, you're there on site. This made the week rather interesting for me.

My grandfather was admitted to a hospital in the east end at the beginning of the week with side pains. At first they thought it was a UTI, something he gets quite easily because he has an ostomy bag thanks to bladder cancer back in the early 90s. Then the diagnosis changed to a kidney stone. To relieve the pressure on the blocked kidney they transferred him to my hospital to have a catheter surgically installed. My grandmother, aunt, and a friend of said aunt were in the lobby that morning when I was heading through to go to the pharmacy. I was already planning to meet up with them but the timing worked out completely by coincidence.

I kept them company until my grandfather came in. While we were there, a colleague in the communications department passed through--the same woman who grew up on the next block from them in south Windsor. They had a little chat and she went on her way, making the second happy coincidence that day.

My grandfather was wheeled in on a stretcher not long after and was brought through to radiology. As he was admitted I asked him if he wanted to arm-wrestle; he saw the humour in it and told me that I'd probably win. They wheeled him down the hall and I parted company with them all, asking the department to call my office when he was done. They didn't call, but he wasn't around for long; when they tried to roll him onto his stomach for the surgery he either panicked or had trouble breathing with the mask on. The surgery was cancelled and he was sent back to the other hospital. He felt better today so they let him go home; either it was another problem that cleared up on its own or he was able to pass the stone. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

The romance movie The Vow opened today. They filmed most of it in Toronto, with some scenes shot down the road from the radio station I worked at last year. Not much into the weepy date movies, but it would be fun to play "Spot the film location". I can already do it with four other movies: A Christmas Story, Chicago, Hairspray, and The Freshman with Marlon Brando. Did it with an episode of the spy series Nikita as well; the old Galt city centre stood in for areas of London with a shootout taking place on one of the bridges over the Grand River. Kind of lame, though; they didn't even bother to hide the North American-style traffic lights.


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