Mar. 5th, 2012

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Still here. Time has passed as it usually does. Winter (such as it was) gives way to spring. The Tournament of Hearts gives way to the Brier, and March is upon us.

Had some interesting developments over the past couple of weeks. Saturday the 25th started on a sour note. While cleaning snow off my car I discovered a patch of ice in the parking lot--the hard way. Landed on my hip and elbow and somehow pulled a groin muscle in the process. It's been a week and two days now and I'm walking normally again. Every now and then I get a reminder of the incident, however; I think it's doomed to be the pain that I feel during damp weather. Pity it couldn't be a sports injury or war wound.

The night of the 25th was a great improvement. My mother, grandmother, aunt, two of my cousins, and I went to the Capitol Theatre to see Walkerville Collegiate's student production of The Phantom of the Opera. They were one of the first schools to secure the rights to the show, paying about fifty thousand dollars for the privilege of securing them and getting the production to the stage--some of it coming from surpluses from previous shows. It was money well spent; all seven student and seven public performances were sold out, prompting them to add another. It's a pity that all their work went only to the fifteen performances but I think they made their money back.

The set designs and props were about what you'd expect from a high school dramatic team, but the acting and singing were well beyond. Some of the students gave up their summers for extra singing lessons. The actors playing the managers really hammed it up on the stage; I picture bright things for them. The actor playing Piangi had the best Italian accent I've ever heard from a non-Italian. Oddly enough, the Phantom and Christine, the principle roles, were filled by the weakest singers. The managers, Piangi, and even the notoriously bad Carlotta were all much better.

The next day saw my grandparents waiting by the phone. He was waiting to hear back from his doctor regarding the surgery to have his kidney stone removed. Twelve hours we waited only to find out that it was being pushed back a day because there were no beds. The emergency department grabbed every bed as soon as it became available. All the time he was under a doctor-induced fast in case he did get to be opened up. He was finally admitted to hospital on Tuesday and opened up on Thursday. The stone was 7mm in diameter. He finally came home on Sunday and was promptly instructed to walk a few laps up and down the driveway. It's usually wise to do something like that at least when you weight 300 pounds.

While my mother was down she gave me her cold. I spent Friday and today off work recovering from it. That was fun.


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