Mar. 6th, 2012

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My hip must have stiffened up over the weekend because walking was a bit more difficult today. Not impossible; I still had plenty of flexibility. Just had to take it a bit slower than usual. One side effect of my unfortunately extended weekend--the work waiting for me--was dealt with quite easily. I expected to take longer to catch up so this was quite welcome. Still enough to keep me busy but I'm not overwhelmed.

Some interesting developments on the parent front. My father, who owns two after-school tutoring franchises (his description is longer) has found a buyer for one. The new owner will be taking over at the end of the year. He had planned to keep that one for only another year, so this puts him right on schedule. Came as quite a surprise because he has been talking about it for several years, every time leading to further inaction. This is the first real action he's taken towards a proper retirement. The other centre still has about a year and a half left on the lease, and he plans to sell that one at the end of its time.

This sale can't come soon enough; it's been a family business for sixteen years and it's taken him this long to get tired of it. My mother and I were tired of it from the first day, so neither of us will be sorry to see it go, my mother least of all. I worked there for ten years and don't miss a minute of it; I can't imagine how my mother feels about it--well actually I can because she has described her feelings on the matter in great detail.

Which brings me to the second of two developments. While putting laundry away a couple of days ago, my mother found a piece of paper on my father's dresser. It had an address and two phone numbers belonging to two of her brothers on it. First of all, this is completely out of character for my father because he has made little to no effort to get to know my mother's side of the family. He can't wrap his head around the fact that my cute little cousins are all grown up, living in BC or Alberta, and not that cute any more. Second, this is curious because one of said uncles has a side business fixing up cheap houses (usually foreclosures) to rent out or sell.

I can only pray with all my might that he has finally realized the benefits of moving to Windsor, or at least realized that he has no reason not to. He has no financial reason to stay because he'll be retired. He'll have no sentimental reason to stay; except for his niece and her husband, his family is all near Toronto. We only see them at a wedding or a funeral. If my sister wants to visit it's just as easy for her to fly from Vancouver to Windsor as it is Waterloo.

Meanwhile, my mother has wanted to move back to her family since they got married (which should say something). My grandparents aren't getting any younger; my grandfather's hospital stay can speak to that. My grandfather could use a football and car racing buddy anyway; they like different drivers but at least they can talk about what's going on. If he wants to go to a baseball game all he needs to do is wait for the Blue Jays to come into town to play the Detroit Tigers; he's got a passport so crossing the border is a non-issue. There's even a British pub downtown that caters to Manchester United fans; he'll be in heaven. They'll save money, too; they can buy a house without a mortgage in pretty much any neighbourhood in town and my father won't need his van for work any more so he can downsize.

The biggest bonus to moving to Windsor is that it would finally bring a peaceable kingdom to the house. My mother's biggest complaints about life are as follows: living away from Windsor, working at my father's business, working at the local school with a bunch of bratty kids who sneeze into her tea, and living in a crumbling high-maintenance house that was too big for the three of us (my father's idea). A move to Windsor will solve all these problems with one fell swoop and guarantee that I never have to hear her bitch about them ever again. And with relatives in every neighbourhood in town, who needs a buffer zone? She'll be so busy catching up with them all that she won't have a chance to smother me to death.

She'll be happy...I'll be happy...


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