Mar. 21st, 2012

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As the title indicates, it was a day of ups and downs.

The first down was the cutlery I purchased on the weekend. I washed it last night and put it in the dish rack to dry, which it did--after it rusted. No wonder Zellers is shutting down.

The next down ended in the lone up. I went to my computer testing, arriving at the office fifteen minutes early. Or so I thought; turns out they had my appointment entered as 3pm and not 3:30 as I agreed to on the phone. Nevertheless, they put me to work at a computer. I had five tests: typing speed, MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and bookkeeping skills. After completing all the tests I learned that everyone in the HR office was impressed with my speed and scores. I'll find out next week if I've made it to the next round.

Finally, the last down. Our oldest cat TigerLily hadn't been feeling well for a few days, so my mother took her to the vet. I don't know what the vet did, but she was so pissed off at it that she took a swipe and caught the vet on the face. She had to go to the hospital to have the scratches fixed; one of them was a rather serious gouge in her nose. Her claws had been trimmed, which is an indication of how upset she was.

Lily was all right on Monday, but it didn't last. Back to the vet today to see why she wasn't eating--or emptying at the other end. Turns out there was a blockage of some kind, possibly a tumor. The result was as could be expected; she was put down. The last of the old guard is gone.

Four cats dead and one missing in three and a half years. Not fun.


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