Mar. 22nd, 2012

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We heard from the vet. She thinks that there was a tumor on Lily's duodenum. When she unknowingly pressed on it (leading to the scratches) it might have sent the cancer cells rushing through her body and to her brain, hence the sudden breakdown. She also had a massive sinus infection and no immune system to speak of. Since she had just had a checkup at the beginning of February, it must have come on quickly.

It was another boiling hot day today: 28*C. Not so bad if you have an air conditioned office, but I don't. At least not today. When the building was constructed as a convent in the 60s they didn't have central air installed, so it had to be put in later. Thankfully they had the sense to construct balconies on each floor, otherwise we'd have nothing to work with except windows. With the balcony door open there's a bit of a breeze. There are air conditioning units mounted above the doors in each office, but we couldn't use them because we had no way to control them. Today we got the remote controls, but the batteries in all but one of them were dead. When I picked up a few groceries tonight I grabbed a pack; now we'll be able to spend tomorrow in air conditioned comfort--just in time for a return to more seasonable temperatures on the weekend.

Now that spring and summer weather is here, I have my windows open at home. Keeps the heat down but it lets in all the foul smells polluting the air around here. The neighbours downstairs like to smoke on the front porch, sending the smoke wafting up through my front window. I have to keep a fan there to blow the smoke back out. My next favourite offensive stench is the smell of skunk. Those things are all over downtown, and you can barely smell anything else. I guess the raccoons have left Windsor for more prosperous cities too.

On the bright side, when the wind is blowing just right it carries the smell of the grains from the Hiram Walker/Canadian Club distillery in Walkerville. When they're at work that place makes the entire city smell like a bakery.


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