Apr. 4th, 2012

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I have a job interview for 9:45am tomorrow morning at Windsor Regional Hospital. I didn't even have to book time off for it; I had already booked the day off because I'm taking the train home for the weekend. Not that it would have mattered as everyone knows I'm applying for it. My current job ends in August so it's hardly a surprise that I'm shopping around. Hell, I applied for a newly-created job in the same office I'm at now.

I'm also looking at apartments in that area so I can cut my commute down. I'm within walking distance here, but I doubt I'll find that in the other part of town. I may have to settle for a five-minute drive. I'll miss being able to walk downtown.

The weather cooled down to more reasonable temperatures not long after my last entry. I can put off using that air conditioner for a while longer. I won't have to worry at the other job should I get it because the office is in the main building. It's unlikely they wouldn't have a/c.

My mother was down last weekend again, this time for her aunt's funeral. I didn't really know the woman but I went anyway. They had a good priest taking care of the service. I think she has been in Windsor for more visits in the past two months than in all of last year. This is the first trip back to Cambridge since Christmas, and sure enough my mother has a cold. Or flu. Working in kindergarten is, in her words, like licking a petri dish. I think she's constantly been sick since September; every time I go up there she has something. I've been lucky so far in that I've only caught an ailment from her once. Says something about schools that I've only been sick twice in the past ten months--and I work at a hospital!


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