May. 13th, 2012

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I'm writing this on the train home after a busy weekend--and week.

Training was rushed but thorough at work. It's a lot to take in over the course of three and a half days. I've been working on slow and repetitive tasks for the last couple of days; this week will determine how much I've absorbed. Orientation is tomorrow, so that will take up a day out of this week. After that, it's going to be a bit hairy. I'm hoping it will be much smoother than I fear it will be. I already have my first event on Thursday; lieu time is always welcome! And a week from tomorrow is Victoria Day; I'm already getting my first four-day week. Can't wait.

A bit of sad news came along this week; another cat had to be put down. This one is "Mr.", a black and white cat who prowled through our yard for a few years. About two years ago he disappeared for a while; we figured he was dead--he was hardly in good shape. But last year he came along again, this time much plumper. His owner was ill so he probably wasn't being let out. It looks like he got more than his fair share of treats instead; you be the judge:

He was in bad shape on Wednesday so my mother brought him to the vet. They noticed he had cold feet, a symptom of heart disease. It wouldn't be surprising that he had bad circulation with his size. So they wrapped him in towels and took some blood work samples; before they could send the blood out for testing he died. He got a good year out of us at least.

So that's two dead cats in two months. We now have three cats, the oldest of whom is about five years old. That should keep the vet bills low for the near future--not to mention the cleaning required in the house. Both Mr. and TigerLily made rather unfortunate messes in the house; the young ones don't.

Mother's Day weekend was fun. I took her to Toronto to see War Horse at Princess of Wales Theatre. If you have not seen this show, do so. The movie doesn't cut it. Even though the "horses" are puppets controlled by three operators, it's easy to forget they aren't real. The portrayal is first rate. Audiences certainly aren't complaining; they're already selling tickets through the end of September--for a show that was supposed to have closed by now. Might even go again!


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