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Things are finally beginning to settle down now. I had furniture delivered over the weekend: a sofa and a queen-sized bed. Finally I won't be using the same piece of furniture for both tasks. The rest of my furniture has been slowly moving down here from Cambridge, piece by piece. It's going to be a bit tougher considering it's all been brought down in a Toyota Corolla so far. Bookshelves are going to be a tight squeeze.

Work has been steady. The busiest part of event season is coming up soon. Should make my daily workload entertaining, to say the least. I'm mostly keeping up with it all, though. All the admin workers had Monday off, which was a refreshing change. I'll be heading up this weekend on the train for Father's Day weekend.

The biggest accomplishment so far since moving here? I finally have a doctor in the same city I live in. Haven't had that for two years. Now I just need a dentist and podiatrist and I'll finally be able to make myself at home. I've been thinking of finding a new place, and am looking at one tomorrow, but I'm not holding out much hope. I can't really afford to pay first and last month's rent right now, and the place I'm looking at doesn't include utilities. The sample prices she gave over the phone for gas, water, and hydro were insane. Much as I'd like to escape the used-up hag in the basement and the daily piano recitals, I'm better off staying here for now.

I would like to change my TV/phone/internet provider, though. I have phone through cable, and it goes down every time there's an electrical storm. That won't be particularly useful in an emergency, especially since I have a long password on my cell. If I switch to Bell satellite I'll get a package that offers more than I have now for ten dollars less a month. Plus I'll have Turner Classic Movies again; Cogeco Cable doesn't offer them and it irritates me to no end.

My grandmother was out of the hospital at last and recovering at home--until today, when she ended up back in hospital thanks to complications. Hopefully nothing minor; I haven't heard anything since this afternoon so I'm going to hope for the best. Meanwhile, they brought my grandfather to the ER on Sunday. He's been feeling extra-run down, he's had chest congestion, his colour has been off, and his feet are the size of steel-toed boots when he isn't wearing anything on them. He's seeing a specialist tomorrow; ideally this will get him fixed up for the next little while.
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