Apr. 6th, 2013

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Still here, still out of work. Still doing interviews; I have one in Whitby next Friday and a phone interview Monday for temp work. Certainly a change from my last temp agency experiences way back when I started this thing; back then they phoned me and said "Go here." Still, better than EI.

My abdomen has been giving me grief lately. I had my operation in August, and ever since I've had pain just to the left of my navel. I've had two ultrasounds and they haven't found anything, so they figure it must be an intestinal thing. I'm hoping it's just leftover pain from the surgery and will go away in time. If it still hurts after the one-year mark I'll get a second opinion.

Probably the biggest surprise in my life lately has been the return of an old hobby of mine: the United Commonwealth Society. After years of low interest and schisms in the ranks, it's starting to grow in size again. There's a full board and we're about to get a new website to replace the sites that have flamed out/been taken from us before reaching out to grow membership and grow influence in the corridors of power. The biggest change: I'm now running the show. I ran virtually unopposed in the last elections; the only guy to run against me backed out and won Vice Chair. For once we might actually get something accomplished. Probably the only good thing to come out of me losing my job.

If anyone's been missing me, I'm slightly more active on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is @djh85; Facebook you can message me if you don't know where to find me.


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